Friday, February 17, 2012

Battle of the Mobiles – Blackberry vs. iPhone

It’s an ongoing debate between users – what phone is best: the iPhone or Blackberry?  As a dual user, I can safely say that it really comes down to personal preference.  I started with an iPhone two years ago and instantly fell in love!  Granted I was still a student at the time and could spend countless hours playing games and using the multitude of apps.  Upon receiving a Blackberry for work, I was initially resistant – how could it ever compare to my iPhone?  The keyboard felt alien and I had difficulties functioning without a touch-screen.  Like with so many things in life, I got the hang of it after a bit of practice and I can appreciate exactly why Blackberry users are adamant theirs is best.

With changes in technology and the arrival of Android phones, I feel as though these two phones are moving closer together instead of further apart.  Blackberry now offers models with touch screens and provides their users with a variety of apps that can rival the Apple equivalent.  iPhones are now equipped with iMessage which functions almost like Blackberry Messenger.
In the end, you need to look at exactly what you need your phone to function as.   

For those that are gadget savvy, looking for fun, an iPhone probably has everything you’re looking for.  If you need your phone to keep your lives (business & personal) organized and efficient, Blackberry is what you need.  What is your favourite and/or most hated feature of either phone?

~ Angela

Monday, February 13, 2012

Celebrating Feb 14th!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner which means roses currently cost and arm and a leg, and restaurants throughout the city have been booked up for months.  Never fear, it’s not too late to do something sweet without breaking the bank!  Here are some ideas to get you through the most romantic day of the year:

 1.       Dinner at home – Nothing says “You’re worth it” like a home cooked, gourmet meal (especially if you don’t usually cook).  Set the mood with candles, music, and champagne to make it special and don’t forget dessert!

2.       The mixed tape – it’s a throwback to the old days when cassette tapes and Walkmans ruled!  Bring it into the 21st Century with a mixed CD or iTunes playlist full of songs that remind you of all the great times you’ve shared.

3.       Personalized candy hearts – All you need are blank conversation hearts, edible ink and a steady hand to send your partner a special message.  If you can’t find blank hearts then use the backside of the pre-printed hearts so each letter has a message.  For those that like a bit of mystery, place all the hearts together in a container and have your Valentine decode the message themselves.

4.       Play Tourist – scope out some great deals around your city and show each other some hidden gems.  Tourism Vancouver always has great ideas for events and specials around town.

5.       Group Night – this is a great idea for singles and anyone who is anti-Valentine’s Day!  Plan a fun activity like lazer tag, go-carting, or mini golf with a large group of friends.  February 14th doesn’t just have to be about couples – it’s about celebrating all types of relationships.
Whatever way you decide to go, make sure it’s fun for everyone involved!  What’s your favourite way to celebrate?

~ Angela

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wedding Trends in 2012 Part 3 – Going Green

Everywhere we look these days individuals, companies and even entire countries are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint by making environmentally friendly choices. Now, more than ever, couples are looking for creative ways to show the earth they care by using recycled materials, biodegradable consumables and reusable d├ęcor. Here are some ways that you can be more earth conscious but still have an elegant and unforgettable wedding.

* Repurpose old items for table centrepieces such as teapots, vintage birdcages or a variety of glass vases
* Source locally grown and in season flowers for your bouquets. If you are fearless, you could even try a non-floral bouquet such as a silk fan, a candy bouquet, parasol or hanging lantern.
* Instead of wedding favours, provide each guest with a postcard saying a donation has been made in their name to a charity of your choice.
* Choose a location such as a beautiful hillside, museum or heritage site and let its natural assets speak for themselves. This allows you to do away with fussy decorations and reduce waste.
* Honeymoon at a destination that promotes eco-tourism
* Use recycled paper for your invitations, programs and name cards.
* Choose Ocean-wise, Free-range and Fair Trade items for your food and beverage menus.

In a time when everyone wants to add more and more, try thinking about what is important to you and the environment and start stripping away the excess. By taking a close look at the message you want to send your guests, you will find it easier to make environmentally conscious decisions about your wedding and its place in the big picture.

Hope you enjoyed our 3 wedding trends!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wedding Trends in 2012 Part 2 – The Big Theme

2012 is out with the old and in with the…. old? Vintage themes are taking over this season drawing inspiration direct from the Silver Screens of Hollywood. Just look at “My Week with Marilyn” for inspiration. Here are some ways to incorporate “something old” into your modern wedding:

* Vintage photographs in antique frames of your parents and or grandparents on their wedding days.
* Candied Apples that double as wedding favours that guests can take home at the end of the night (wrap available). Displayed in miniature aged wood barrels.
* Chandelier type lighting with a rustic feel.
* Vintage china such as tea cups and pots as vases for floral centre pieces.
* Ivy
* Vintage lace, white, cream or colour themed table overlays.
* Bird cages decorated with flowers

The best part about this theme is that you can interpret it in so many different ways and really personalise it to any relationship. This theme crosses cultures and generations and the further you explore its possibilities the more you will see they are limitless.

More trends next week!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wedding Trends in 2012 Part 1 – Bouquets

Flowers are an integral part of your wedding – they set the mood, establish the colour schemes, and they are probably the most noticeable aspect of your wedding that is not the bride or groom. Some of the most recent wedding trends obviously come from the Royal Wedding, but it’s your day so feel free to exercise your creativity and feature some of your favourite flowers.

Simple and Contemporary
The big wedding flower trend set by Kate Middleton is the monochrome bouquet. She sported an all white bouquet, but you can choose the colour that suits you best. An all black bouquet is bold, but it can also make an elegant statement.

The brides of 2012 are set to highlight their bouquets with vintage jewellery. Add a bit of sparkle to your bridal bouquets as well and you have a built-in thank-you gift for your bridesmaids. Major department stores and even small boutiques are a great place to look for affordable costume jewellery to highlight your bouquet.

Mix It Up
Recent fashion trends show designers relying more heavily on clashing colours, and your bouquet can benefit from this style as well. Get creative with colour for a more eye-popping floral arrangement for a fun and playful expression.

Whatever you choose to do with your bouquet, remember that trends are the inspiration but you should follow your instincts. Your wedding is an once-in-a-lifetime event that should embody your own personal style, favourite colours, and flowers.

Stay tuned for our next Wedding Trend installment!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Event Wrap Up

Many people think that everything is wrapped up by the end of an event.  In reality, quite a bit goes into really finishing an event – from final invoices to thank you cards to the all important final report.

Final reports are a key tool in fully understanding the scope, range, effectiveness, and efficiency of an event.  By gathering all the information collected and documented throughout the planning and implementation of each event, you are able to identify areas of improvement from previous events and things that can still be improved upon.  Final reports are especially important for events that happen on an annual basis since many will include a summary of the previous year, information about the current year, and recommendations for future years.  It provides a single file where general information can be accessed with ease not only for yourself, but your clients as well.

~ Angela

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Where to get Engaged in Vancouver…

Believe it or not, where, and how you get engaged could give you some insight into what your future as a married couple would hold. Do you want to get engaged somewhere romantic, exciting or memorable that sets the tone for your new lives together?

Vancouver is a city full of beautiful beaches, romantic restaurants and breathtaking mountain tops so why not try one of these special spots to ask your special someone for their hand in marriage.

Queen Elizabeth Park – Cambie/29th Avenue
Why not treat yourselves to a meal at Season’s in the Park followed by a romantic walk through the gardens and pop the question while overlooking downtown Vancouver and the North Shore Mountains.
MacMillan Observatory – Vanier Park
What could be more romantic than gazing up at the stars through powerful telescopes together?  The Observatory is open Friday and Saturday nights as long as it is clear outside.
Sandy Cove Beach – West Vancouver
This is a small and secluded beach below Marine drive. It’s great if you want to grab a blanket, picnic and a bottle of cheap wine and enjoy the sunset.  Gazing into each other’s eyes is optional.
Vancouver Art Gallery – 750 Hornby Street
If you both love art than why not visit the latest exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery and propose in front of your favourite piece? There are also over 10,000 pieces of permanent art as well as a place to sit and enjoy a pre or post question cocktail.
Cypress Mountain – West Vancouver
About halfway up the mountain is a lookout that provides one of the best views of Vancouver and the Burrard Inlet you will ever see. Stop and take in the view while you build up your courage to pose the question.

Want to make it even more unique? Try thinking of a place that holds significance to both of you for this life changing question. It makes for a colourful story to tell for years to come and gives you a place to come back to on your anniversaries.

Happy proposing!